Saturday, January 28, 2012


Children will need to sell their product that is handmade in this Tuesday. I did not get to watch them for workshop yesterday because I still feel unwell, but I was working a little on craft from material I have to them. My eldest son is leader of children to take care of place and create the booth to allow students to show their product. Was busy day for everyone..

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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Inspiration for my everyday life.
Family ♥♥ 

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Friday, January 6, 2012

❤ MY HAT ❤

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012



“I start from home” My mom is a tailor. I graduated fine arts but I do not ever take what I have learned to use in my everyday life much, unless, drawing cartoons in my notebook when I travel to different place. Well, I just use the head with the idea of art, artifacts, fabrics, decorative fabric, clothing, doll, decorated from m mom fabric that fuuulllll in house. She would be proud to bring it recycle. It is like one inspired me. I am always thinking working no young no old. As long as we still have two brain and two hands.

I try to bring things unused in especially fabric, bring it to the invention and décor. We may have ideas about what I know that is the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) this will be the primary job and secondary job at the same time. It is an “Export” that looks good, apart from the main job I am doing in Entertainment. I have learned. I contact people, foreign, different languages and happy to make life worth living and so on. So…I have never had bad times. It is fun and I enjoy it”

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Fabric Flower By Me 
From the material I have, same as my doll dress. Artifacts from the rag have various ideas to be designed in such a special day, gift, souvenir and clothing for children and adults. I like to make hair pin, brooch. It is easy to see and attract people around, and also the special card for every special day. I used to make my son's gift box for his friend’s birthday. He told me that girls in his classroom just wanted beautiful birthday gift like this. They just say "gives me some pleaseeeee" hahaha... It is an inspiration to me and the emotional cost. Many people would want to.

I love crafting of all kinds. I love to sew and make up patterns of new fabric stuff. I like creating art, drawing and painting. Everybody from my family is my inspiration for my creations. I feel good to see the beautiful world, and I am so regretful to know that my creations have shared to many people in this world too.

BURN" One For Special


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