Monday, October 1, 2012

❤❤ Kitty handmade on Etsy ❤❤

Kitty itemsa

tKitty Halloween Coin Purse

ACat zipper pouch / Cat coin purse / Zippered pencil case / Make up bag
OCat coin purse dots

LCosmetic bag kitty…

                                                     Cat cell phone case... L

                                       Cat coin purse with little cat heads…A

Coin purse with little kitty…t

Cat cell phone case…t
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ThreeLittleCatsShop said...

OMG... *___* i LOVE all your stuff!

Ratcha said...

Thanks! ^_^ I love your shop as well!! Adorable work!! Follow you too...^_^

riorita said...

Hey Ratcha! These brilliant items.You are Soooo creative! I've become an admirer!xo

Ratcha said...

Thank you so much Riorita! ^_^ Me too!! You have beautiful work as well. So, it is good to share. Became a big fan your shop!! ^_^ :D

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